I just want to say thank you for publishing so much really useful information on your web site. The info on hormones was a great read and I found it simple to understand unlike many of the other sites that seem to make it rather complicated, even better is that you have added helpful comments from your own experiences, terrific really informative, so glad I found your pages.


Hey Tara, I'm transgender and I love your website! I love you and your story!! I love everything to do with this website!!

A. Reyes

I am in my late 40's and just beginning transition. Of the sites I've visited so far yours is by far the best and most informative. Love the site and wish you all the best!


Just a comment and a thank you. It is so difficult facing things, questions and feelings alone. In just a few short days you have helped to give me a direction through the support in your website. Thank you.

C. Hee

Your story truly is an inspiration. You are a living testament that in a world that can seem so cold, impossible dreams are attainable. Thank you for sharing your experience with those of us who have not yet made the journey.


Though I've gotten dozens of comments about this website, this really touched me -

Just surfed in...there are no coincidences in God's world. I got here by way of a vitamin site, not sure how. Taking the best care I can of myself. I miss my husband so much and you just told his story. We'd known each other since childhood, spent over 20 years together. Wish I had more space to explain the tears running down my face. Just wanted to let you know that I feel that gift, being comfortable in my own skin and if we had known you then he'd be here today. Please keep telling your story. Those who think they are alone need to know that others have made it to the other side. Tears of sorrow, tears of joy ... Jen.

Thank you, Jen, for sharing your story.

Gosh, I love your page, it really gets me out of the dumps. I love all your writings, they really have allowed me to outline the steps I must take.

Mel J.

Thank you for your site about making money for SRS. I've been feeling pretty discouraged lately about it and in a simple way it encouraged me to think outside the box. I won't tell you my sob...there's lots of us out there. I just wanted to give you an "atta-girl" for adding a positive note to my life tonight as I'm sitting at home alone and pondering my life


I have read your site, actually I first saw your site about getting SRS paid for a few years ago. It has been helpful to me as a sort of springboard to finding things. Your site inspires me to know that it is possible. I have to both have hope, pracitcal direction and work for it.

Liam G

Your website is cool. You got attitude and that's what the TG community needs.


I know you have probably received a million e-mails! However, I wanted to send you a quick thank you. Your website has provided some of the best advice available on the Internet. It's people like you that truly help other's transition. I have just recently decided to begin transitioning. You are a very sweet individual and hope you continue to help others through transition.

Hugs, Jennifer

Thank you for sharing your valuable experience of SRS transition. For those of us who are trying to make that transition, your site is a dream come true. From my earliest memories, I have always felt that I should be female.

Sincerely yours, Michele

Years ago, your website was such a blessing for me and I would like to convey my deepest thanks for your caring and humor. You are such a sweet woman.

Jessica P.

I just wanted to say that your website is FANTASTIC!! I love the "10 Ways to Pay for SRS" and "Defining Male and Female" sections the most.

Best regards, Grace

Thanks go to you for all the research and hard work you've put into your site! I'm a straight guy and just happened to accidentally come across your web site. Let me tell you, I was totally blown away! First off, I'm fascinated with the endocrine system and am very familiar with certain roles and functions glands and hormones play in our physiological system. And man, you've got this down to a science! "NO!" An art! To tell you the truth, I ate it up! I enjoy learning very much and am a sponge at this point in time for ANYTHING! And as for your story... God! This should be a movie! It was very entertaining and enlightening at the same time. I suggest that you seriously, if anything write a book! After I totally went through your web site ... Let me put it to you this way ... I feel a lot more compassion and understanding for transgendered people. And you know what? I bet they'd make better wives than an original biological born woman...cause they know what it is to have worn the shoes of a man.


You have a really terrific website! I was very impressed at the amount of information that you have. I have learned a lot and have enjoyed your site so much! Thank you for putting so much time and effort into it. I'll bet it helps a lot of other people like me too. If you get a chance you should check out It has a lot of really good information on breast implants and lots of photos.


Your website is one of the most informative sites around.

Kristen D.

I think your 10 ways to pay for SRS kinda helped my esteem to go out and sell myself in the right way, not the hooker way. I got a job last week and have been working really hard.


I want to thank you for your web site, your story and your pictures. You are so unselfish and helping others along their journey. I wish there were lots more folks like you.


Fabulous, informative site. Thank you for a frank, real time view.


Great site, Tara. You are an amazing and talented woman. Your journal [no longer available] brought back memories of my trip to see Dr. Menard. Your site is a Godsend for all the other ladies-in-waiting.

All my love, Janet Schar

Thank you so much for having such a informative and knowledgeable web site. All the information was extremely helpful. Hopefully, I will be starting my journey into transformation next week.

Lots of love, Renee

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