10 ways to pay for SRS - part 2

3. Financial student aid

If you have a low-paying job that just keeps you afloat most colleges have grants, student loans, assistance programs and scholarships. Contact your local colleges for info. There are other federal sources (see links below). Both the medical field and computer systems, such as network administrators, pay well. There are specialty schools, like Apollo College, where you can get your tuition paid for by a PELL grant, or student loan, and in a relatively short time be trained for a job. I have a friend who's going to nursing school. Due to loans and financial aid not a dime out of her pocket has gone to tuition.

Federal government grants. Don't be tempted by online offers, or TV commercials, that claim you can get money from the government by buying a book or pamphlet. The information is available free on the Internet. The Federal government rarely makes grants to individuals, except scholarships. But a scholarship could be your ticket to SRS!

Sources for scholarships and student financial aid
FastWeb Federal state and other sources SmartScholar - Find the Perfect Scholarship
4. Start your own business

Do you have a talent, or are very knowledgeable about something, or can do physical work? Find a service or product that's needed in your community and offer it. House cleaning, website building and auto repair are some examples. Avoid products from MLM, or network marketing, like vitamins and herbal supplements.

Promote your business. Write a short ad for your business, post it in publications; have business cards and flyers printed, then wait for customers to call or email you. A catchy business title and well-worded ad are important. Look at ads in your area of expertise for ideas.

Don't be concerned if you get no response to your ad in the first few weeks. It takes an ad three weeks before people start seeing it. That's why you see the same advertisements month after month, even year after year. Target your ads to your prospective clientele. The larger the circulation of the publication the more people will see your ad, though they will be more expensive. Once you start getting customers—especially if you're good—you'll likely get more business through word-of-mouth.

I started a housecleaning business that way. In a few months, my ads and word-of-mouth referrals got me more houses than I could handle. I also ran a business ferrying people, who came to Dr. Meltzer for surgery, back and forth from the airport to the hospital and around town and put people up in a spare bedroom in my home. I charged for boarding as well as $15 per trip (most gave me $20). I got a lot of free meals at nice restaurants when they wanted to get out of the hospital!

Run an eBay business. Scour antique stores and garage sales for valuable items at bargin prices, then sell them for a profit. Put up some flyers, ads on craigslist, etc. telling people you'll sell their unwanted items. You do the photography, listing, collect the money from the winning bidder and ship the items, then split the profits with the owner 50/50.

The SBA provides loans for businesses. They have special programs for women.